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Nitin Mehta, MD, is a board-certified pediatrician and neonatologist at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital and MedStar Montgomery Medical Center. Dr. Mehta specializes in caring for newborns who are born premature or critically ill.

Dr. Mehta cares for infants born at an average of 25 to 30 weeks old, which means they most often face breathing and nutritional challenges. The best place for babies to reach full-term growth is in their mothers' wombs, but Dr. Mehta and the neonatology team use their expertise and innovative therapies to help babies overcome challenges of early birth and continue to grow and thrive.

Dr. Mehta's approach to care focuses on complete and open communication a reflection of the entire neonatal division. Parents have complete access to Dr. Mehta to not only know as much as possible about the care of their child, but to also talk through questions or concerns at any time.
In addition to patient care, Dr. Mehta is the medical director of newborn services at MedStar Montgomery and the medical director of lactation services and the milk bank at MedStar Georgetown. He is also involved in research in the area of neonatal nutrition, specifically the use of human milk, as well as the enhancement of non-mother's milk formulas.

As an associate professor of pediatrics at Georgetown University School of Medicine, Dr. Mehta also trains the next generation of physicians, pediatricians and neonatologists.




Contact info:

Medstar Health

3800 Reservoir Road Northwest
Main Building 3rd Floor Room 3400
Washington, DC, 20007




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Nitin Mehta, MD - America's Top 50 Doctors - Neonatologist - Maryland

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